Tara Entertainment was officially launched on 1st January 2022 as a result of rebranding Jhoom Dance Crew to reflect our growth after so many years in the industry.

Tara is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘star’ and ‘light illuminating from the soul’. This is how we want you to feel when you work with us. Hence our tagline ‘inspiring your light to shine”.

We have organised and performed at countless of private, community, cultural and corporate events with our signature Bollywood style dance events. We have run workshops, activities, dance classes, Bollywood style dance programs for kids and celebrated with you and entertained you.

We believe having optimum health at ALL levels and that includes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our wellbeing is our greatest gift to having a full and rewarding life.

When teach ad run activities you can be assured, we run activities with your safety in mind. We have Police Clearances; Working with Children checks and are insured.